Announcing My Solo Exhibition, Femme Reflections





I am ecstatic to be able to announce my upcoming solo exhibition, Femme Reflections. I thought on what I wanted the central theme of this show to exhibit, and through examination of my previous pieces I have realized that women have played a strong central character in almost all of my pieces. I am unapologetically enchanted by women themselves and end up painting things that mystify me. I am by no means a conventional woman myself, which allows me to appreciate the women that are and relate to those that are not.

Although the show is going to be exciting in and of itself, I am also extremely eager to have everyone that attends to be able to see my extremely talented friends perform. There will be four bands: Lealani, Delete Insert, The Rafters Multimedia Group and Fortune Boy. All of these people that will be playing are near and dear to my heart and some my friends I admire the most. To be able to use my solo exhibition to also draw people into being able to witness something that has driven my creativity so immensely, whether or not they realize the people playing are some of my biggest inspirations, will be so rewarding.

I have printed about a thousand of these flyers and cannot hand them out fast enough, I even mailed one to Snoop Dogg and the mayors of all of the surrounding towns. Shoot for the stars and you'll hit the moon, right? 

(Find the mentioned artists. Lealani: @veggieburgerr on Instagram/twitter, @lealanisbeats on SoundCloud. Delete Insert: @deleteinsertband on Instagram, @insert-delete on SoundCloud. The Rafters Multimedia Group: @the_rafters on Instagram, @the-rafters on SoundCloud. Fortune Boy: @fortuneboymusic on Instagram and SoundCloud)